Certainly one of Northwest movie Forum’s key artist help solutions is financial Sponsorship

Certainly one of Northwest movie Forum’s key artist help solutions is financial Sponsorship

The Forum presently sponsors 60 movie tasks and companies.

In the event your movie or task is authorized because of this system, we increase the Forum’s 501c3 status being a sponsor for the task, opening possibilities for funds and fundraising available to organizations that are nonprofit. Fiscally sponsored tasks can obtain tax-deductible donations from businesses or people. We administer contributions made with respect to the task and deliver donor acknowledgments. Our fee that is administrative is% for funds provided, but we usually do not just just take any ownership associated with the project.

Take note that the program will not offer direct funding or fundraising services.


The production, as represented by the Project Producer(s) must in order to be considered for fiscal sponsorship

  • Preserve active account with Northwest movie Forum
  • Be in keeping with Northwest movie Forum’s objective
  • Demonstrate commitment that is clear the project and offer step-by-step paperwork and instructions for the way the task is usually to be accomplished
  • Be described as a Washington State resident
  • If you want to use, please complete our online application

When you have any queries, be sure to contact Christopher Day, handling Director, at chris (at) nwfilmforum.org.

Sponsored Jobs

703 features James, an elder gay male protagonist whom works through a marital betrayal while calling inside the typical pizza distribution purchase. Claire is really a musician that is middle-aged makes ends satisfy working during the pizza distribution call center. It is Friday evening, and James more often than not joyfully chats as he orders the most common from Claire. But today is not company as usual; Claire sensory faculties one thing is terribly wrong.

Mia, in tries to allow it to be in a male-dominated activities journalism industry, starts to expose the underbelly that is dark of college recreations inside her little hometown. Now, she must choose from her loyalties to her city along with her profession aspirations.

America Increase

The Women’s March on Washington had been an awakening for the consciousness that is american helped spur a frequent motion of activism. Anxiousness throughout the leadership for the Trump management has now reached a breaking point which has hadn’t been seen considering that the 1960s. America increase follows the tales of people fighting to enhance their communities, nation and democracy into the wake of those daunting times.


Is joy a selection? Grounded in the reflections of five seniors to their life experiences, along with specialists in growing systematic reasoning, the movie Appleseeds seeks to see if delight is more than simply a byproduct of pleased experiences, but could additionally be a aware option throughout our everyday lives.

“National treasure, ” local celebrity, Holocaust Survivor – Sonia (89) has simply been offered an eviction notice going back (and a lot of popular) shop left in a dying mall that is suburban. After Sonia regarding the motivational presenter circuit to schools and prisons – also it means to be a survivor and how trauma is passed down through generations as she navigates her own struggles – Big Sonia explores what. Are you going to allow your injury define you? Or will your past allow you to be stronger?

The Buffalo Soldiers for the Pacific Northwest

Being African United states often feels as though the only history you have actually is the fact that of slavery. But that might be untrue.

This movie will appear in the legend associated with Buffalo Soldiers, and their cost into the Pacific Northwest following the war that is spanish. The movie may also profile Moses Williams, a recipient of America’s greatest army design, the Medal of Honor, in addition to a glance at the gents and ladies maintaining the legends regarding the Buffalo Soldiers alive today.

Coffee & Glucose

Coffee & glucose can be an animated research for the memories of the woman that is 93-year-old she reflects on her behalf wedding of 62 years. Via an abstract and fantastical combination of 2D and prevent motion animation, Coffee & glucose will explore the gorgeous complexity of love, memory, and time.

Compost Media

Scott Kirschenbaum operates COMPOST MEDIA, A washington-based manufacturing company producing content during the intersection of human anatomy, head, motion and land. He could be in pre-production on an attribute documentary about embodied environmentalism and a film that is short zero gravity party.

Also Hell Has Its Heroes

Also Hell Has its Heroes is a documentary film by Clyde Petersen, in collaboration aided by the popular Seattle drone band Earth. Pioneers regarding the drone steel genre, the people in Earth have a legacy of 25 many years of musical innovation and individual reinvention.

Finding Bapu

Finding Bapu is really a comedy about grief. It explores a child’s perspective to the complex world of loss, cultural identification and belonging. Often, the part that is hardest of loving some body is understanding how to release.

In Her Arms: Key Modifications in Jazz

In Her fingers; Key alterations in Jazz explores hurdles dealing with feamales in Jazz today as ladies across the United States are fighting for auditions, producing possibilities being role models for young performers in poignant interviews, initial music and effective performance footage.

Jesus Shows You the means to your Highway

A Afrofuturist that is new Sci-Fi! A WTF thriller! A last punch against worldwide corruption! An underground james relationship! Far beyond The Matrix!

Through the group that made Crumbs (2015) this brand new sci-fi adventure will knock you down its cornucopia to your seats of weirdness interdimensional travel, astonishing spy plots and kung-fu activities.

The Many Dangerous 12 Months

In 2016 a team of Washington State families with transgender young ones join the battle from the revolution of discriminatory anti-transgender legislation sweeping through the world and within their house state. With the aid of a coalition of state lawmakers and civil liberties activists, these families set about an uncharted journey of fighting to safeguard and protect their children’s inalienable human being legal rights and freedoms in this present-day civil legal rights motion.

Potato Aspirations of America

Autobiographical function film of a homosexual kid growing up into the Soviet Union, their mail-order-bride mother and their adventurous escape to America, saturated in twists that prove life is generally stranger than fiction.

Reel Witness

Reel Witness follows Hameed — a new Muslim who left every thing behind in war-torn jewish australian brides Iraq at 16, in a solamente pursuit of a brighter more peaceable future. Now 22, like Isatou of minimal Rebel, their salvation is scholarship in Seattle limited by a huge dream that is altruistic. From journey to refuge, Reel Witness seeks to humanize the facelessness of emigration and commemorate personal stories of resiliency.

The trail to Nickelsville

Care, success, and hope. The residents of Nickelsville, an arranged homeless encampment in Seattle Washington, share the way they became homeless; care exactly how quickly it could take place, and exactly how they persevere. Director of this minimal Income Housing Institute, and an area court judge who presides over infant custody situations involving homeless families, offer institutional context.

Sadie is really a movie directed and written by Megan Griffiths and produced by Lacey Leavitt and Jennessa West. It informs the storyline of the young girl working aided by the extended lack of her military father and struggling to know her household life without him.

Shelf Lifestyle Community Tale Venture

Shelf Life is a residential area tale task inspired by the quick modification and displacement occurring in Seattle’s Central region neighbor hood. Our company is recording dental records with individuals who reside, work, and/or have actually origins when you look at the community. We think community tales can interrupt the narratives of erasure that accompany gentrification; add context that is historical conversations about modification; and reconnect those people who are experiencing displacement.

She the Creator

A dissociative, agoraphobic musician struggles to keep grounded in fact while her enamored caretaker becomes extremely dedicated to the conclusion of her latest works.

Since I Been Down

Since I Been Down explores the balance that is complicated tensions between violent crime, punishment, justice, activism, and compassion. The documentary invites viewers to simply take a look that is in-depth incarcerated women and men, in an effort to higher perceive procedures of these transformations and their ultimate part, as models for people on being human being.

The documentary follows women and men in Washington State prisons, incarcerated between 13 and 25 years old for violent crimes, and that are remarkably switching their life around and creating social justice programs from within jail in spite of the settings of general general public life.